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1Gbps Internet Speed Now Available in Japan

September 28, 2008 By Emma

KDDI, a Japanese telecommunications company, will be offering 1Gbps fiber-optic internet speed on October. The service will be available to single-dwelling homes and apartment buildings up to three floors high in Tokyo aread and Hokkaido island located in the northern part of Japan.

KDDI will be imposing a price of ¥5,460 (US$51.40) for the service which will be paid in a monthly basis. Subscribers have the option to add basic telephone service and cable TV for an additional fee.

Japan is considered to have the world’s fastest broadband connection. Japanese internet users have been enjoying high speed connection at the cheapest price. Japan is deemed to be the only country that has the infrastructure to be able to cope with the next-gen internet applications leaving other nations behind when it comes to broadband progression.

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