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Google Reveales Google Instant

September 08, 2010 By Manuela

The team of IT engineers from Internet company Google has worked to launch a new IT service that has the role to predict what IT connectivity users are looking for as they type search terms. Google Instant can already be used with and Google UK. Google’s Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 8 and Apple’s Safari are the browsers the tool will work with. Marissa Meyer, Google’s vice president of search, said that “We’ve spent a lot of time optimising the 300 milliseconds… really trying to make sure we have search as fast as possible while on our server. Despite all that emphasis on optimising, a search takes 25 seconds, and all of that focus is all on one of those 25 seconds. This stat makes Google search one of the most used services – not just internet services – but most used services all over the world.”

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