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Symantec Security Bundle

Littlefish partner with Symantec to offer managed endpoint protection services that are simple to use, rapidly deployable, and highly effective against viruses and malware. Being a cloud-provisioned service there is no requirement for additional hardware. The service can be setup in a matter of minutes, ensuring your business is quickly and comprehensively protected. Furthermore updates occur automatically so you have the peace of mind that your business is constantly protected against the latest virus threats.

Service capabilities include:

  • Anti-virus/malware
  • Desktop firewall
  • Host intrusion prevention

The main benefits of Littlefish’s Symantec.Cloud solution are:

  • Rapid deployment model & web based management
  • All initial and on-going configuration is managed by Littlefish
  • No additional server or hardware costs required
  • Ability to manage your corporate devices anywhere in the world (as long as they’re connected to the internet)
  • ‘Zero-day’ updates ensure protection for the latest threats is always provided

To find out how Littlefish can help secure your business call or e-mail the Littlefish sales team.

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