Croydon Council chooses Littlefish as partner for Service Desk & End User Compute

Putting users and citizens at the centre of everything at Croydon Council.

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Croydon Council deliver a wide range of services to local residents, communities and businesses, including social care, education, building control, environmental health, and much more. The council is London’s largest borough by number of households, and with a total workforce of over 10,500 employees, they are the largest employer in the borough. They also make a major contribution to the local economy, spending over £900 million annually.

In 2019, the council launched the Croydon Digital Service, which combined the existing IT team with a number of other departments within the council, with the aim of transforming the council’s systems and services for the internet era. The key objective for the newly formed team was to create a culture change into meeting the needs of the users and putting them at the centre of everything they are working towards.

One of the key principles the newly created team worked towards, was “fixing the plumbing” by breaking the dependence on inflexible and expensive technology that doesn’t join up effectively. This is where Littlefish came in.

“We ran a full procurement exercise to choose a supplier for our service desk and end user computing, and Littlefish were the clear winners. What came across was the culture of Littlefish aligning with what we wanted to be able to do with the Croydon Digital Service.
The big change that’s happened as a result of bringing Littlefish into delivering our service desk and end user computing service goes down to the confidence that our staff have got in that if they do have problems, they have confidence it’s going to get fixed quickly, but also that things won’t go wrong in the first place, which is super important.”
Dave Briggs – Head of Digital Operations at Croydon Council

Putting users at the centre of everything through Service Desk and End User Compute at Croydon Council

Feedback from Croydon Council Users

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“We like to have a partnership relationship with our customers. We very much see ourselves as working in tandem with them to achieve their business outcomes. Certainly with regard to Croydon Council, they are at the beginning of an exciting journey in their Digital Service, and we are proud to be in an open and honest partnership with them.”

Richard Roome – Services Director at Littlefish
Richard Roome, Services Director, Littlefish photo
Richard Roome, Services Director, Littlefish photo

“Littlefish has a very positive impact inside of the Croydon organisation, and that can only help and have a positive impact on the borough’s citizens. By allowing the Croydon team, who are very capable to do more with less, we can come behind them and make certain that the user experience is great, the productivity of their people is great, and as a result they have more time to work on citizen-affecting work.”

Mark Petty – Sales & Marketing Director at Littlefish

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Our service solutions are designed to consider and deliver tangible outputs in terms of improved business performance. The IT experience of your users can be enhanced to promote more agility and improved quality output. Furthermore (but often overlooked), highly available, better performing IT services, with expert support on hand when it’s needed to get your users working again, can engender employee health and well-being. As a consequence of these deliverables, workforce productivity levels are increased. And it’s likely that our highly-attuned service model will also enable you to effect cost-efficiency gains. What’s not to like!

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