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Business-critical operations rely on IT, so the availability, integrity and security of these systems is vital to any organisation. Littlefish cyber security services empower you with the strategy, tools and resources to combat ever-evolving cyber threats.

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Organisations depend heavily on IT to enable business-critical operations. The availability, integrity and security of these systems is therefore essential to continued organisational success and future prosperity.

The extraordinary increase in the sophistication, complexity and frequency of cyber-attacks and cyber-intrusion is unabating. Meanwhile technological evolution and adoption in both our personal and working lives continues to advance at an exponential pace, with our increased reliance only deepening the potential operational impact of security breaches for businesses of all sizes.

As individuals and organisations continue to embrace this digital first approach, the economic opportunities are huge. But the global effect of digitisation and digital transformation is creating an enhanced risk profile for all.

Lack of security awareness or ignorance of the possible dangers can result in organisations being exploited, with potentially profound business impact including significant financial penalty or loss, reduced operational capability and long term reputational damage.

Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC)

Protect your organisation against the potential cost and reputational impact of future cyber threats with advanced threat monitoring and remediation.

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User Education & Awareness

Improve your organisation’s cyber security awareness and strengthen and educate your most important potential security control: your people.

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Our CISO-as-a-Service delivers Chief Information Security Officer expertise and leadership, without the associated fixed overheads, recruitment costs and retainment challenges.

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Critical Hour Framework

An actionable framework tailored to your organisation’s security controls that provides a rapid response to contain a threat when defensive countermeasures fail.

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Vulnerability Management

Achieve a complete and continuous view of the ever-shifting cyber threat landscape affecting your estate, and clarify the data into actionable insight.

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“Cyber security is currently a global priority and focus for organisations and governments alike, and this trend will continue. Security threats continue to increase in frequency and sophistication, with our connected world making the potential impact of successful attacks deeper and more widespread than ever before.”


Katy Hinchcliffe – Littlefish Head of Cyber Security

A Pragmatic approach to safeguarding your digital assets

At Littlefish, we never underestimate the importance of sound security policy, process and application, but we refuse to board the “scaremongering” band wagon, quoting the latest four-letter acronym and using fear and snake oil sales tactics to secure business. Instead, we equip our Cyber Practice with exceptional talent, and partner wisely, to assist our clients in defending their organisations most coveted digital assets, from data and intellectual property to people and process.

Our approach is to provide highly experienced security expertise that can assess the current situation, apply best practice risk analysis methodology and then identify the most appropriate action plan. We work with our customers to objectively assess the risk-cost equation of the plan’s recommendations and we appreciate more than most, that this isn’t a blank cheque engagement. Our common-sense recommendations and intelligent action plan, allows our clients to be as secure as they can whilst enabling the business goals.

The outcome of our engagement gives our customers a clear roadmap for recommended actions and priorities. From policy to practicalities, making recommendations around policy creation and deployment, supported by recommendations of security solution adoption, our approach is informative, thorough, comprehensive yet pragmatically balanced with real life experience and sound business understanding.

Our Cyber Security Solutions

 Our solutions are tailored after your own business needs. If you are unsure whether cyber security needs to be part of your processes or not, then consider the following questions. If you answered yes, you might want to consider getting the help of a cyber security provider. 


  • Does your organisation hold commercially sensitive data?
  • Are you unaware of the business impact and penalties associated with a security breach?
  • Are you concerned that a cyber-attack would have a detrimental effect on business as usual (BAU)?
  • Does your business have legislative obligations?
  • Are you concerned your current protection policy, technology and processes aren’t sufficient to protect your digital assets?

Our Services

Prevention is of course always better than a cure and our service portfolio allows our customers to identify and execute preventative measures, significantly reducing the possibility of:

  • Cyber Intrusion and the associated losses of IP / Data / Processes
  • Cyber Attacks and the associated damage to market reputation and value
  • Lost business revenue
  • Lost productivity and downtime
  • Legislative and regulatory penalties

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