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Effective Cyber protection requires expert security knowledge, contemporary understanding of the threat landscape and best practice remediation measures. It’s time to intelligently protect your business, enable your people and combat the ever-evolving and increasingly disruptive Cyber threats you face.



If you’re reading this, you’re not one of those seeking solace, and you know that you need to do ‘something’ but are maybe unsure what, thanks to the three quarter of a billion Google search results and yottabytes of content already amassed on the world wide web for ‘Cyber Security’. Or, you are someone who doesn’t believe you need to do something, but you’re here because someone else, somewhere else, wants you to be. Or, you’re someone who has previously invested in Cyber Security, it hasn’t worked well for you, for whatever reason, and so you’re looking again, but this time to ensure no false dawns, you’re looking for professional, practical and proven risk mitigation management and the help of experts.

Breaches only happen to other people and other organisations though! Right? No! Like a biological virus, Cyber-attacks do not concern themselves with the size, scale, type, location or vulnerability of the host they seek to penetrate, they just seek a host and once exploited, wreak the damage they have evolved or been designed to cause.

Equally, you should not be concerned with what, where, when, how or who the Cyber attacker is, just know that sooner or later, it will find an exploitable window of opportunity, and unless the appropriate measures are taken to minimise your attack surface area and to protect your data, assets, technology and people, the extent to which a given attack is likely to result in a breach, is magnified significantly.

It is not new news that Cyber Security maturity increases in line with investment into Cyber Security measures, nor is it news that the more investment is made, the more mature your organisation is and the risk of succumbing to a successful Cyber-attack and breach diminishes significantly. The question, is not “should I invest?”, the question is “how do I invest appropriately for my business risk, to get the best value and to minimise the potential for operational disruption, financial and/or data loss and reputational damage?”

There is no need for Littlefish to reiterate the plethora of scaremongering statistics that are pushed and held up to highlight the dangers and consequences of successful Cyber breaches. We know, like you do, that many bigger, richer and higher profile organisations than both of ours, have succumbed to well publicised Cyber-attacks.

Attacks that make the recipient, the next, newest and greatest statistic to be held aloft as a trophy by the attackers, as an example by the unsecured and as a beacon of hope for those who seek solace in the fact that “breaches only happen to other people and other organisations”.

Whichever is the reality, in Littlefish you have now crossed the path of an organisation that can help you to identify your attack surface area, protect your data, assets, technology and your people and ensure you are Cyber prepared. Our approach is to tailor our services to suit your business profile of risk and need, and to deliver our security, your way.

Our Cyber Security Services

Cyber Assessment

Our comprehensive Cyber assessments are designed to identify areas of weakness within your organisation, from technology, process and control to policy, standards and people.

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Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC)

Protect your organisation against the potential cost and reputational impact of future Cyber threats with advanced threat monitoring and remediation.

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User Education & Awareness

Improve your organisation’s Cyber Security awareness and strengthen and educate your most important potential security control: your people.

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Our CISO-as-a-Service delivers Chief Information Security Officer expertise and leadership, without the associated fixed overheads, recruitment costs and retainment challenges.

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Critical Hour Framework

An actionable framework tailored to your organisation’s security controls that provides a rapid response to contain a threat when defensive countermeasures fail.

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Vulnerability Management

Achieve a complete and continuous view of the ever-shifting cyber threat landscape affecting your estate, and clarify the data into actionable insight.

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“Cyber security is currently a global priority and focus for organisations and governments alike, and this trend will continue. Security threats continue to increase in frequency and sophistication, with our connected world making the potential impact of successful attacks deeper and more widespread than ever before.”


Katy Hinchcliffe – Littlefish Head of Cyber Security

By partnering with Littlefish for Cyber Security, we will enable you to:

Identify & Understand Your Cyber Risks

to tailor a service to organise and prioritise your Cyber investment.

Deploy Market-Leading Tools and Expertise

for enterprise level protection, but at a fraction of the cost.

Enhance Operational BAU (yet Business Critical) Tasks

to avoid the obvious yet frequent Cyber errors.

Protect Your Assets and Data 24/7/365

to reduce incidents and minimise business disruption. 

Deliver Real-Time Threat Intelligence

to always be current and never behind.

Respond Rapidly to Cyber Attacks

providing your business with containment, remediation and recovery excellence.

Cyber Security Outcomes

Littlefish has extensive experience in providing a professional, practical and proven approach to Cyber risk mitigation management. Our experts can advise on how best to proactively protect your technology, data, assets and your people through carefully selected Cyber Security solutions tailored for your business need and budget.

Our Cyber Security Services are designed to contribute to the safeguarding of your business critical digital assets in a rapidly responsive yet comprehensive and cost effective manner. With the ultimate aim of ensuring your organisation is Cyber prepared, Littlefish will work with you to co-create a Cyber Security strategy that meets your business needs, fits within your business budget and prioritises the remediation of any gaps identified, starting chronologically with the mutually agreed highest risk.

Our approach is to tailor our services from assessment through to remediation and assist organisations in improving their Cyber Security maturity. In addition, we always focus on delivering exceptional user experience and customer service excellence.

By making Littlefish your Cyber partner of choice, we will help you to:

Enhance Cyber Preparedness

Enrich Business Protection

Enable Cyber Agility & Velocity

Extinguish Business Risk

Eliminate Expensive Investment

Which Cyber Security Services should I invest in and why?

With so many providers, so many solutions and a budget that continues to be challenged, where do I get best value? What should I do first, what should I do at all and why should I do it? Littlefish has provided some unbiased answers to these questions, outlining what we believe our customers should invest in to reduce risk and better protect their business, why they should make the investment and how that investment is likely to be delivered to positively impact the risk mitigation of an organisation.

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