A highly experienced, independent and strategic CISO to create or enhance your Cyber Security strategy, policies, processes and controls. Operating as an extension of your business and bridging the gap between executive leadership and functional heads, a highly sought after CISO will deliver Cyber maturity and Cyber preparedness ensuring a comprehensive Cyber defence.


Cyber Mastery

Cyber Security is a specialist field, requiring thorough knowledge of contemporary Cyber defence best practise, awareness of the latest security technologies and a strong understanding of the current threat landscape. Cyber Security is currently experiencing its highest public focus thanks to increasingly frequent and complex Cyber threats, high-profile data breaches that affect individual consumers, the subsequent corporate fines issued due to more stringent regulation and enforcement powers, and the reputational damage that ensues. Cyber Security is now simply too important to ignore.

Recruiting and retaining experienced security leaders at a time of global short supply is no easy task. Equally, not all organisations require full time Cyber leadership to deliver comprehensive and successful Cyber strategies for their business. Our CISO-as- service provides all the advantages and peace of mind of an in-house, full time Chief Information Security Officer without the full investment and recruitment headache. Littlefish’s CISO-as-a-Service (CISOaaS) provides the benefits of an in-house CISO without the associated fixed overheads, and without the challenge of attracting and retaining a much sought after senior, full-time employee.

Littlefish will provide a vastly experienced security professional who will carry out a detailed security assessment of your organisation. They will highlight areas of weakness and concern, before providing board-level understanding with full investment justification for any required investment to mitigate your organisation’s key Cyber Security risks. By acting as an extension of your in-house resources and gaining an intimate understanding of your business needs, the CISO will provide ongoing remediation support, security advice and guidance as and when you need it.

CISO-as-a-Service will provide your organisation with:

Expert Guidance

Ongoing support, advice and guidance from an experienced cyber security professional who understands your organisation and its business processes.

Cost Efficiencies

The advantages and peace of mind of an in-house, full time CISO at a fraction of the cost and without the recruitment challenges and fixed overheads.

Cyber Protection

Unmatched defence against attacks and rapid technical and organisational response to breaches, resulting in reduced business impact.

Why Consider a CISO-as-a-Service?

According to the World Economic Forum most boardrooms now see Cyber threat and risk of attack as their “biggest business risk” and IT Security as their highest priority. Simultaneously IT security skills are in high demand, but there is a global shortage! ISC2 suggest 4m vacancies remain globally. In Europe alone the shortage has grown by more than 100%, with latest figures suggesting an increase from 142,000 to over 300,000 unfilled vacancies.

These staff skills shortages, and unfilled vacancies leave organisations with a variance of risk, that needs to be mitigated, in some cases, urgently.

The challenge isn’t just finding technical skills, it is much harder to find people who are both knowledgeable in contemporary Cyber Security and all that entails, as well as having strong business knowledge.

Retention of FTE Cyber Security specialist resource is, as you can imagine, significantly challenging with such high demand evident. Our CISO solution removes completely the headache with providing this resource and can be utilised to provide short, medium or long term solutions to your Cyber needs.

Cyber Assessment Outcomes

Independent Insight

Impartiality will ensure your organisation is advised on the right investments for your business need, business goals and of course, your business budget.

Compliance & Standards

Are you duty bound to compliance requirements? Need to achieve a minimum Cyber Security standard? Our CISOaaS can help drive the right behaviour, cultural adjustments and prioritised investment to achieve these.

Expert Guidance

Ongoing support, advice and guidance, as and when you need it, from a highly experienced Cyber Security professional who understands your organisation and its business processes.

Executive Engagement

A CISO will bridge the gap between business executives and functional heads ensuring clarity of requirements and understanding and communicating the business risk.

Cyber Preparedness and Maturity

Highly experienced resources will drive your organisation towards Cyber defence excellence. Our CISO will focus on identifying the most appropriate security improvements that will deliver the biggest benefits for your business.


Utilising a CISO in a fractal, service capacity will remove the challenges of recruiting and retaining highly sought after expertise at a time of global security skills shortages.

CISO direction can be priceless as soon as:

  • The need to develop a Cyber Security Strategy arises

  • Compliance requirements need the latest Cyber standards implementing

  • A Cyber incident or breach requires rapid response and remediation excellence

  • Expert advice for Cyber investments needs ratification, justification and review

  • Ongoing audit, analysis and remediation recommendations are required

  • A Cyber team needs to be recruited, trained and onboarded

CISO direction can be priceless as soon as:

Cyber Security Pedigree

Littlefish’s Cyber Security specialists’ have decades of enterprise-grade experience having worked for FTSE 100 and High Security Government departments. They are well equipped to provide impartial advice and guidance to help protect your organisation and defend your business. Using tried and trusted methodology and supported by our world-class Cyber partners, our experts will work with customers to assess their cyber maturity, and provide guidance to help them identify, understand and manage their security risks more comprehensively.

Customer Focus

Littlefish pride ourselves in delivering consistently high customer satisfaction across our customer base and our services are always delivered attuned to their needs.

We deliver independently verifiable World Class services from our UK Service centres, demonstrated through our Net Promoter score (NPS), which across the 60,000 users we care for currently is at 75+. With users arguably the weakest link in an organisation Cyber Security, our approach ensures the highest danger is always in focus.

A Tailored Solution

A cookie cutter approach to Cyber Security just does not work, and it’s imperative that the Cyber outcomes are matched to the business requirements.

We work with our customers to understand their requirements in detail and then tailor our services to meet the customer needs. We supplement this approach with our experience of working with customers across a variety of sectors and provide innovative yet proven solutions, whilst operating as an extension of in-house IT teams.

Why do you need an experienced CISO?

Optimise your security investment and risk management strategy with a cyber security leader.

Download the ‘Why do you need an experienced CISO?’ Whitepaper to learn more

Our Cyber Security Services

Cyber Assessment

Our comprehensive Cyber assessments are designed to identify areas of weakness within your organisation, from technology, process and control to policy, standards and people.

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Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC)

Protect your organisation against the potential cost and reputational impact of future Cyber threats with advanced threat monitoring and remediation.

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User Education & Awareness

Improve your organisation’s Cyber Security awareness and strengthen and educate your most important potential security control: your people.

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Our CISO-as-a-Service delivers Chief Information Security Officer expertise and leadership, without the associated fixed overheads, recruitment costs and retainment challenges.

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Critical Hour Framework

An actionable framework tailored to your organisation’s security controls that provides a rapid response to contain a threat when defensive countermeasures fail.

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Vulnerability Management

Achieve a complete and continuous view of the ever-shifting cyber threat landscape affecting your estate, and clarify the data into actionable insight.

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By partnering with Littlefish for Cyber Security, we will enable you to:

Identify & Understand Your Cyber Risks

to tailor a service to organise and prioritise your Cyber investment.

Deploy Market-Leading Tools and Expertise

for enterprise level protection, but at a fraction of the cost.

Enhance Operational BAU (yet Business Critical) Tasks

to avoid the obvious yet frequent Cyber errors.

Protect Your Assets and Data 24/7/365

to reduce incidents and minimise business disruption. 

Deliver Real-Time Threat Intelligence

to always be current and never behind.

Respond Rapidly to Cyber Attacks

providing your business with containment, remediation and recovery excellence.

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