Critical Hour Framework

A multi-vendor security technology approach is no longer enough – organisations require a robust framework of well defined and rehearsed processes to maximise response speed and effectiveness when technical defences are breached.



The best defence against cyber criminals is preparation for the reality that a cyber-attack will happen, and experienced cyber defence teams know that time is a critical factor in successfully responding to cyber-attacks.

Littlefish employ an established cyber response process known as the Critical Hour Framework. The Critical Hour Framework clearly establishes where you should look first, what actions you should take and who you should involve.

The framework is tailored to your organisation’s blend of security technologies, allowing you to achieve the optimal response from the tools and functionality that you have in place. Your first line of technical defences, even constructed across a range of technologies and vendors, is no longer failsafe. A well-considered and rehearsed second line of defence is now critical.

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