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Littlefish’s User Education and Awareness service delivers an ongoing Cyber Security education and testing programme that transforms your users into the most effective threat detection tool at your disposal.

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Two thirds of IT leaders believe phishing attacks are their number one Cyber Security threat, and according to Varonis 65% of all Cyber criminals use phishing as their primary source of infiltrating and infecting an organisation. User education and awareness in Cyber Security is critical because despite a year on year reduction in phishing emails per 1000 sent, 62% of businesses experienced phishing and social engineering attacks in 2019 which makes it no surprise that one third of all successful breaches are by way of phishing attacks (Verizon).

Phishing attacks are a clear source of why Cyber Security incidents are now a daily occurrence and struggle for organisations to deal with. User education and awareness services are one of the most, if not the most, cost-effective methods for improving your organisation’s Cyber threat defences and significantly reducing your risk and the potential success of a business-impacting Cyber breach.

Whilst phishing attacks by volume are in decline, the reasoning behind this decline is because Cyber criminals are choosing quality over quantity. They are actively investing their time in creating significantly more sophisticated, life like and realistic attacks, to enhance their chances of fooling the recipient and improving their success rate for Cyber breaches.

Victims of cyber attacks are found in all departments across all levels of the hierarchy, and phishing attacks do not discriminate – they will take all opportunities to breach your defences. Equally, phishing emails are typically successful with the user unknowingly, or inadvertently compromising your security, opening the door to a would-be attacker. This service empowers your user base to spot a potential phishing attack, therefore playing a critical role in your organisation’s security.

What should you be asking?

Security policy and technologies must enable users to be productive, but they must also be secure. One simple employee error like clicking a rogue link can result in a breach of security, financial loss, significant cost and reputational damage. A simple, effective, frequent and engaging user security awareness programme will help prevent such an occurrence. By supporting your organisations policy and technical measures, user education and awareness will deliver security knowledge and contribute towards a security conscious culture within your organisation.

Providing security education during new employee inductions supported by annual refreshers, is an approach no longer fit for purpose, and some don’t even do that. Users continue to click harmful links, enter credentials and open malicious attachments. The most effective approach to Cyber Security education is providing sharp, focused and relevant information to your users frequently.

Littlefish’s user security education and awareness provides great content directly to your users, on a monthly basis, through engaging design, content that brings the latest threats to life. Adaptable to focus on industry-specific threats or align with your internal security policies, this holistic service provides a managed and measurable ongoing awareness programme, transforming your users from a potential weakness into your most effective threat detection.

“Do you want to avoid phishing email compromises causing untold business impact?”

“Are you making employee Cyber awareness a priority as a very low cost, high risk mitigation solution?”

Katy Hinchcliffe – Littlefish Head of Cyber Security

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The Benefits of Cyber Security Education and Awareness

User-Led Security Enrichment

Monthly security enrichment programmes to educate, equip and remind employees of phishing email dangers. Identifying user weaknesses will drive informed education programmes, reducing risk.

Engaging Awareness Materials

Engaging awareness material is delivered to your users, covering the latest security topics including social engineering, physical security, ransomware, phishing and GDPR/data protection.

Simulated Phishing Attacks

By simulating threats, delivering educational awareness material and management reporting, we identify beneficiaries of focused and targeted learning to reduce business risk and disruption.  

Your People: Security Weakness or Effective Threat Warning System?

Turn your biggest security risk into your biggest asset to help defend against potential cyber attacks.

Download the ‘Your People: Security Weakness or Effective Threat Warning System?’ Whitepaper to learn more

Our Cyber Security Services

Cyber Assessment

Our comprehensive Cyber assessments are designed to identify areas of weakness within your organisation, from technology, process and control to policy, standards and people.

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Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC)

Protect your organisation against the potential cost and reputational impact of future Cyber threats with advanced threat monitoring and remediation.

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User Education & Awareness

Improve your organisation’s Cyber Security awareness and strengthen and educate your most important potential security control: your people.

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Our CISO-as-a-Service delivers Chief Information Security Officer expertise and leadership, without the associated fixed overheads, recruitment costs and retainment challenges.

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Critical Hour Framework

An actionable framework tailored to your organisation’s security controls that provides a rapid response to contain a threat when defensive countermeasures fail.

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Vulnerability Management

Achieve a complete and continuous view of the ever-shifting cyber threat landscape affecting your estate, and clarify the data into actionable insight.

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By partnering with Littlefish for Cyber Security, we will enable you to:

Identify & Understand Your Cyber Risks

to tailor a service to organise and prioritise your Cyber investment.

Deploy Market-Leading Tools and Expertise

for enterprise level protection, but at a fraction of the cost.

Enhance Operational BAU (yet Business Critical) Tasks

to avoid the obvious yet frequent Cyber errors.

Protect Your Assets and Data 24/7/365

to reduce incidents and minimise business disruption. 

Deliver Real-Time Threat Intelligence

to always be current and never behind.

Respond Rapidly to Cyber Attacks

providing your business with containment, remediation and recovery excellence.

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