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Littlefish offers a cyber security User Education and Awareness service that delivers a drip feed of awareness material to your users.

Your Users

At the centre of the vast majority of successful cyber-attacks is a user. Someone who either knowingly, or inadvertently, gives a would-be attacker a foothold within your organisation, opening the door for a compromise to occur. Users therefore have a critical role to play in your organisation’s security.

It’s essential that your security policy and technologies enable your users to carry out their jobs effectively, whilst contributing to a secure environment. This can be supported by a regular, concise and engaging security awareness programme, delivering security knowledge and engendering a security conscious culture within your organisation.

The stale approach of providing security education for new employees at a time when they are overwhelmed with a deluge of information, supported only by a tedious annual ‘refresher’, is widely understood to be unsuccessful and frustrating for employees. The fact that users continue to click on links, enter credentials and open malicious attachments is testament to the ineffectiveness of this approach.

That said, a robust security awareness briefing is important and enables expectation setting from the outset, particularly in relation to user responsibilities. The best approach to delivering cyber security education is by providing sharp, focused and relevant information to your users.

The Littlefish User Security Education and Awareness service provides this content directly to your end users on a monthly basis, using engaging design and content to help bring the real threats to life. The content can be adapted to focus on industry-specific threats or align with internal security policies if required. As a holistic service this provides a managed, ongoing awareness programme, that equips your employees with the knowledge they need, to make them the most effective threat detection tool your organisation has.


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