National Apprenticeship Week 2022 Victorio’s Journey

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Written February 2022

Today we are sharing Victorio Chiriac’s apprenticeship. Victorio started with us back in March 2020 as a Business and Administration Level 2 Apprentice through Nottingham College.

We are delighted to announce that Victorio successfully completed his apprenticeship last May, congratulations Victorio.

We asked Victorio a few questions below about his apprenticeship journey with us:


What made you apply for an apprenticeship?

I have always liked the idea of an apprenticeship, as you have the opportunity to start working with a company without necessarily having much experience. After a year of learning from the experienced people around the business, you can develop your skills and really become an asset to the team/company.


Why did you choose Littlefish to work?

After doing my research on different companies, I was really attracted to Littlefish due to its fast growing of personnel, but also size within the market. I have also always liked IT, but never really had any previous working experience so I saw it as an opportunity to develop my IT skills too.


What apprenticeship did you study?

I studied a Business Administration course, which really helped me with my day-to-day tasks and communication.


What is your top tip for completing an apprenticeship?

Personally, my biggest tip would be completing your work as soon as you can; this has allowed me to get certain units out of the way and allowed me to focus on completing my day-to-day work tasks. By doing this, I also freed up a lot of space, which I then used to learn new elements of my job (e-learning, mentoring from colleagues, LinkedIn) which helps me in my job a year later.


What did you learn most during your apprenticeship/what was your biggest take away?

My apprenticeship course has really helped me develop my formal written and spoken communication, as it was something me and my tutor reviewed regularly. Apart from this, my units have also helped me develop the use of certain software such as Excel, Outlook and many others. My biggest takeaway was that even if not every unit links in with my job role at the moment, it is still useful to be educated on it as you never know when I might need it (change of roles, jobs etc).


We wish you all the best Victorio in gaining further job experience here at Littlefish.


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