Vulnerability Management

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Written November 2020


When it comes to network vulnerabilities, how can you ensure critical threats are uncovered without becoming overwhelmed with vast amounts of data? We explore how data can be contextualised to inform a robust Vulnerability Management strategy.

Cyber breaches are currently the most feared corporate risk, according to the Allianz Risk Barometer 2019. Holes in the chain-mail of your network may not pose an immediate threat, but sooner or later an ‘arrow’ can find its mark and pierce defences.

Unpatched operating systems, legacy applications and shadow IT all pose potential threats to your networks’ security. The WannaCry ransomware that struck high-profile networks, including the NHS, exploited a Windows vulnerability, to encrypt files, and spread havoc very rapidly across networks in 2017.

Establishing priorities and taking appropriate corrective actions are obvious steps for reducing risk to an appropriate level, and that can only happen once you’ve established a clear picture of your entire network.

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