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Leverage the capabilities of a leading outsourced Managed IT Services provider and unlock enterprise-grade expertise, cutting edge technology and SME agility & innovation.



Unlock access to rapid deployment of cutting edge technology, enterprise grade experience & expertise, and SME agility & innovation, by leveraging the capabilities of a leading outsourced Managed IT services provider.

Outsourcing non-core business functions to a specialist like Littlefish can free up significant human resources that can subsequently be re-focused on strategic tasks – delivering immediate value and efficiencies, while moving from fixed costs to flexible pay-as-you-go pricing models enables finer cost control.

Enlisting the right partner also offers organisations instant access to wider knowledge and future-ready experience, gained through engagements with a diverse client base across multiple verticals – experience that is difficult or impossible for in-house teams with a very specific (and narrow) focus to attain, regardless of training.

With resources immediately available for scaling to meet your organisation’s needs – it’s possible to deliver projects faster and more effectively than having to build and train an internal team or re-assign existing staff. Utilising specialists in service delivery and project management with experience in steering complex IT projects, means implementations swiftly reach fruition and begin delivering service improvements immediately. Meanwhile risk can be mitigated when appropriate lines of responsibility are established with an outsourced partner who has leading edge knowledge of, and can take responsibility for, managing risk around technology, compliance, security and data.

Outsourcing the heart of IT service provision – the modern Service Desk, to a user-focused service provider that is assessed against customer-centric KPI’s, can deliver a step-change in service quality and user experience – examples include:

  • Extending the available hours of support beyond the outdated ‘9-5’ model meets the demands of the contemporary workforce, that wants to work where, and when, it chooses – Littlefish offers multilingual, UK-based ‘lights-on’ support 24/7/365 – across a range of situation-appropriate communication channels
  • Improving incident response time reduces user stress and downtime, thus increasing well-being and productivity – our average response time is just 6 seconds
  • Increasing First Contact Resolution returns users to productivity fast – Littlefish’ FCR rate averages >70% and our innovative Pod system combined with shift-left learning engenders familiarity and a deep understanding of not just your technology, but your business operations and the challenges individual users face – for a personal, empathetic service

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24/7 Service Desk

UK-based multilingual Managed IT Service Desk, ready to assist your organisation 24/7/365

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End User Compute

From workplace transformations to day to day support and management of your End User Compute environments

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Infrastructure Management

Our Infrastructure Management team work 24x7x365 to monitor and manage your infrastructure’s availability, performance and health

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Robotic Process Automation

‘Intelligent Automation’ consultancy and managed services to leverage the latest in RPA technology benefits

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Service Integration and Management

Service Management Office solutions to completely manage cross-supplier performance, or tactically engage in discrete processes

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