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Avoid the resource drain and inefficiencies of ‘supplier sprawl’, and achieve a single, accountable supplier contact, with Littlefish’ Service Integration & Management services.



In your efforts to achieve the most appropriate and cost-effective IT solutions, you’re almost certainly juggling internal resources, Cloud services (as both public and private commodities) and various Managed Service Providers. The result is likely to be a ‘supplier sprawl’ which can not only compromise efficiency, but also require significant resource to manage. Our SIAM service frees you of responsibility for management of resources and suppliers, providing you with improved efficiency, practical management information and single contact accountability.

Why you need SIAM

Managing multiple supplier relationships across your IT estate is a significant draw on management resource in addition to requiring substantial technical expertise. Outsourcing Service Integration and Management to Littlefish distils your responsibility down to maintaining a single relationship, and provides you with instant access to invaluable management information about suppliers, resources and usage.

Our SIAM experience

At Littlefish we have significant experience working in environments where multiple suppliers provide IT services to a single client organisation. Our service integration and management solutions ensure all suppliers work together seamlessly to deliver services, affording you the time to focus on the needs of your business. Our Service Management team has years of expertise in managing large, end-to-end, multi-vendor services and relationships in both public and private sectors.

Our approach


We set out first to define the scope of your service requirements, making sure we understand all business objectives before developing business cases and assisting in supplier selection.


We then manage transition of responsibility, implementing and developing a Service Catalogue to ensure that all your procurement objectives are met, documented and available for consumption by the wider business.


This puts us in a position to then run the management of your services, managing service streams and relationships, measuring and reporting, and ensuring that service excellence and value for money are being achieved across the board.


Finally, we guide the evolution of your supplier relationships, aiming to minimise risk and complexity, promote simplicity, automate, innovate and integrate wherever possible, and ensure services are benchmarked from a quality and commercial perspective.

Simplifying Supplier Management

An ecosystem of suppliers which is not working effectively and efficiently can result in impact to your business in the form of service outages, extended fulfillment times, unnecessary costs and a lack of focus on strategic direction. Our Service Management Office solution manages end to end a core and critical set of ITIL processes across your suppliers to ensure they deliver to your expectations and continually evolve to meet business requirements.


We can provide a combination of our own consulting resources combined with specialist partner organisations to provide SIaM consulting in the areas of target operating model design, current state assessment, maturity assessments, tooling assessments and transformation.

Service Management Office Tailored

We can, based on your specific requirement tailor our solution to include more ITIL processes, change the demarcation of responsibility within a single process between your organisation and ours, adopt different IT service management toolsets, adopt alternative governance models including managing clients both on and off tool.

Service Management Office Plus

We will form part of your SIaM operating model and will implement our own best practice processes to manage suppliers end to end for Major Incident, Incident, Service Request, Change, Problem and Asset management. In addition, we will implement our own governance model to ensure daily operations are effectively coordinated and strategic direction is set.

Service Management Office

We will form part of your SIaM operating model and adopt your process to manage suppliers end to end for Major Incident, Incident, Service Request, Change, Problem and Asset management. We will integrate these services into your governance model at both a tactical and strategic level to ensure daily operations are effectively coordinated and strategic direction is set and acted upon.

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