Managed XDR Services
Extended detection and response

managed XDR (extended detection & response)

Managed Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Littlefish’s managed XDR service offers proactive monitoring across your business. Threat detection and response, XDR (eXtended Detection and Response) is a combination of SaaS-based cyber security detection and incident response service that provides protection against cyber-attacks across your organisation.

A managed XDR solution provides comfort that your IT infrastructure is secured from all major attack avenues, keeping your data and infrastructure as safe as possible from compromise or theft. Our expert, UK-based support teams, housed within our CREST-accredited managed SOC, provides powerful monitoring and response tools to nullify and contain threats, allowing you to maintain focus on other core business activities.

Gain the support and expertise necessary to close skills gaps and build a mature security program with 24x7x365 detection and response from Littlefish.

Dynamic and agile managed XDR

Our managed extended detection and response service enables a wide range of both reactive and proactive cyber security capabilities to help your organisation’s security posture adopt a multi-layered defence strategy.

The Littlefish engineers and analysts are all highly experienced and accredited professionals across a wide variety of cyber security solutions and are ready to give expert advice and guidance in the design, planning, delivery, and – most crucially – continued use of these technologies to ensure the identification, containment and elimination of threats.

Through ongoing investment in skilled people, processes, and tools, Littlefish ensure that our customers consistently receive a market-leading managed cyber security service; we provide the protection you need whilst also acting as a true partner in your ongoing security journey.


Our approach to managed XDR is intelligent and thoughtful, we will build a service that is tailored to your unique IT estate.

Along with the core components of the service, including SOAR capability, solution implementation, alert detection, and reporting and compliance solutions, we also offer optional components which may be built into the service as required.

Additionally – and wherever possible – our managed XDR service will ensure only security relevant data is ingested, whilst leveraging your existing technologies and licensing to maximise service effectiveness and simultaneously minimise cost.

managed xdr (extended detection & response)

Why choose our managed XDR?

  • agile


    The Littlefish security teams are extensively trained, holding multiple industry recognised certifications, to implement, enhance, and monitor additional security solutions within your environment.

  • Smart

    Our dedicated threat-hunting team leverage high confidence intelligence feeds and industry specific reporting to alert upon attack infrastructure, allowing us to assess the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP’s) used against you and protect your environment.

  • high performing


    Utilising the industry leading Microsoft SIEM/SOAR platform, and surrounding Defender solutions, our dedicated transition team will build a bespoke service suitable for your environment and the requirements within your IT infrastructure with response capabilities over all major attack vectors.

  • business continuity


    The Littlefish CSOC provides context and enrichment on vulnerabilities within your estate and offers prioritisation and remediation advice based on multiple variables, recommendations, and tracking of said vulnerabilities.


Are you looking to ensure your information and infrastructure is protected? Our managed XDR service will provide you with subject matter experts to design, build, maintain and leverage multiple security solutions in order to provide you with 24x7x365 Detection & Response capabilities against your ever changing threat landscape. Discover how by downloading our brochure now.

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