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Microsoft SIEM

Microsoft SIEM

The Littlefish Microsoft SIEM service enables your business to invest in cyber without the added cost of maintenance and infrastructure set-up, by providing a tailored cost model enabling you to pay only for the resources you require.

Our Microsoft Sentinel service is a cloud-native security information and event manager platform that uses built-in Machine Learning to analyse large volumes of data. When combined with the platforms security orchestration and automated response (SOAR) capability, it becomes an ideal tool for cloud-scale security protection, ensuring that active threats or suspicious behaviour are identified, automatically analysed and enriched, so that they can be contained.

Enterprise-grade solutions

As technology and cloud environments rapidly evolve, our Microsoft SIEM combines innovation with advanced automation capabilities to help protect your organisation and provide almost real-time, powerfully intelligent, security functionality, including:

  • Gain high level oversight over key areas within your IT estate, from Office 365 activity to user based behaviour.

  • Investigate potential unknown malicious activity using the built in threat hunting functionality and proactively search for suspicious activity.

  • Detect threats and leverage automated alert enrichment to reduce verified incident detection time.

  • Collect data at cloud-scale across all users, endpoints, applications, and infrastructure, using the solutions 120+ data connectors.

  • Customise data ingestion & storage with cost-effective, flexible options.

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Why choose a Microsoft SIEM?

  • Advanced threat detection

    Advanced threat monitoring

    Our Microsoft SIEM services offer the ability to leverage built-in machine learning, behavioural analytics, whilst also allowing for enrichment through Threat Intelligence mapping and automated entity enrichment.

  • Flexible payment model

    Tailored cost-model

    The Microsoft SIEM managed service from Littlefish is a ‘pay for what you use’ model, offering predictable and agile pricing.

  • Rapid response

    Rapid response

    Sentinel offers the ability to use logic based SOAR playbooks, which means that cyber threats are detected quickly and can be responded-to automatically.

  • Comprehensive protection

    Enterpise protection

    Microsoft SIEM offers end-to-end visibility and security data collection throughout the IT estate, including users, endpoints, applications, and surrounding infrastructure, using the solutions prebuilt 120+ data connectors.

  • Cloud-scale security

    Cloud enabled security

    Our Microsoft SIEM services offer limitless cloud-scale data analyses, both on-premises and in multiple clouds to address your security needs.

  • Trace the unknown

    Discover hidden threats

    Detect previously undetected threats through embedded threat hunting queries, capable of scanning across multiple areas of the IT estate to intelligently assess behaviour and alert for further investigation.

Power up your security with Littlefish

To realise the full power of Microsoft SIEM, organisations must ensure they work with the right partner to configure, manage, and optimise the technology.

Littlefish are a multi-certified Microsoft Solutions partner which means we are perfectly placed to help customers get the most from Microsoft security tools such as Sentinel and to help organisations build on the intelligence and insights these tools provide.

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) services and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services deliver world-class, around-the-clock support to our customers, leveraging the power of Microsoft’s market-leading security tools and providing flexible, tailored security solutions to all types of organisations.

Our approach is proactive and we believe that cyber security should be delivered in a personalised, people-centric, and authentic way.

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