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When it comes to monitoring the availability of your business critical applications, most ‘pro-active’ IT Service Providers would be able to tell you the availability of your infrastructure, simply identified as your servers and network devices. But what is this actually telling you?

Just because a server is ‘up’ doesn’t mean that the applications and services it hosts are also ‘up’. A narrower band of IT Service Providers take it a step further and will tell you the actual availability of your business critical applications. This is more useful information but again, it’s a little too ‘on or off’ to provide true insight into the availability and performance of your key systems. And crucially, it doesn’t provide any real insight into the experience your users have when interacting with their business critical applications. As with the underlying infrastructure, just because an application is ‘up’ doesn’t mean it’s usable from a user perspective. Helpdesks in all organisations still get calls from user’s complaining that their application access is too slow. And when this happens you can be sure that the productivity of your users is diminished.

Whilst being able to pro-actively monitor and report at both the infrastructure and application level, Littlefish’s User Experience Monitoring service goes a step beyond by enabling your organisation to achieve greater oversight and control over your applications.

Service Features

  • Fully managed 24/7 service
  • Ease of rapid deployment
  • Completely vendor agnostic and therefore compatible with any application
  • Possible to configure multiple simulated transactions per application
  • Ability to monitor an application from multiple locations
  • Executive and/or Technical Monthly reports of application performance and availability

Our Approach


The Benefits

Your business can realise the following benefits by deploying Littlefish’s User Experience Monitoring service:

  • Adopt ‘next generation’ enterprise level IT systems performance measures at a fraction of the cost of implementing in-house monitoring solutions
  • Proactively identify and troubleshoot application performance degradation faster
  • Eliminate ‘finger-pointing’ between internals teams and suppliers with regards to responsibility and root-cause
  • Manage ISV relationships with quantitative feedback on application performance
  • Understand performance trends for your applications and utilise metrics to plan for improved and enhanced application usage

What next?

If you would like to discuss how Littlefish User Experience Monitoring can help improve the oversight and availability of your application stack then please call or e-mail the Littlefish sales team.

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