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Parent tech #fails: UK reveals embarrassing tech mishaps

November 16, 2016 By Kevin

Whether it’s helping your Mum to figure out where the ‘send’ button is on her email account, or listening to your Dad complain about the difficulty of typing on a touchscreen, there’s nothing that can bring on a headache quite so quickly as trying to teach your parents about tech.

But do they really deserve this clueless stereotype? Surely the kids make mistakes, too…
We surveyed more than 800 parents and their teenagers across the UK to see what really goes on in the average household when it comes to tech… with some pretty hilarious results.

Social media faux pas
Is there anything more embarrassing than accidentally posting something online, or accidentally sending a message to someone who wasn’t supposed to see it?

More than one in ten parents admitted to us that they’ve posted photos online by accident, while 14% have tried to write a message on someone’s Facebook wall… and accidentally posted it as a status. Nearly a third have also added someone as a friend by accident – which can be particularly embarrassing if it’s their kid’s friend!

Credited to Cami Janel Steele

It’s not just parents who commit these embarrassing online faux pas; 16% of teens have accidentally sent a message to the wrong person online, while one in ten have accidentally posted a photo they wanted to keep private.

Mortifying moments
Photos seem to be the main source of embarrassment for most kids, with parents getting a little too snap-happy online. One of the most embarrassing cyber-crimes parents seem to commit, according to our survey results, is posting unwanted photos of their offspring, either as a baby or from an unflattering angle.

Even when parents try to keep up with the trends, it’s hard for them to avoid shaming their kids online. Parental selfies are often seen as more than a little forced, whilst trying to keep up with the lingo results in horribly misused LOLs, YOLOs and even WTFs.

What might come as a surprise to complaining youngsters, however, is that almost a quarter of the parents we spoke to were also embarrassed by their child’s actions online, while 40% think that their children spend far too much time on social networking sites.

Creating online harmony
With social media being such a prevalent part of our lives, and technology developments showing no sign of slowing down, it’s time for parents and teens to unite and learn to live harmoniously. After all, with 82% of all parents and teens using Facebook, and with many of them also using Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, it’s time for them to live side-by-side online.

Parents: It might be time to stop adding your kids’ friends on Facebook. Nearly a quarter of girls we spoke to said their parents had added their friends online, which they found humiliating. At the same time, don’t neglect to teach your teens about the dangers of social networks. Only 27% of mums have checked their kids’ online privacy settings, so it’s time to prioritise those dangers to these vulnerable social users.

Teens: We know it’s frustrating explaining to Mum and Dad yet again how to use Gmail, and that, no, you won’t be adding them on Snapchat. However, with 30% of parents asking their kids for help when using a new device or website, take some pride in the fact that they want your opinion for once!

Embarrassing family moments might make you blush at the time, but in months and years to come, they can become happy, nostalgic memories to look back on. So, don’t take Facebook and Twitter too seriously, and try to think about your family’s feelings before you post!

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