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Flexible Resourcing

Littlefish can provide experienced, skilled and competitively priced flexible resource to help you meet your short-term business objectives.


Your business may benefit from our Flexible Resourcing services in the following circumstances:

  • To fulfil a specific project requirement
  • To supplement existing resources during seasonal or peak trading periods
  • To backfill existing resource during periods of extended leave or sickness
  • To provide regular scheduled visit (perhaps to a remote site to provide desk-side support service)

Our Approach

We have a range of resources available with a wide breadth of skills from Cisco engineers to experienced desk-side support engineers. Resources are typically provided on a Time & Material basis at an agreed day rate with discounts applied for longer term scheduled engagements.

The Benefits

Our Flexible Resourcing service allows your business to benefit by providing a greater degree of flexibility when addressing resourcing demands. We deliver appropriately skilled resources to:

  • Deliver projects on time
  • Meet temporary business requirements by supporting existing staff
  • Meet longer term business requirements by expanding existing teams

What next?

If you would like explore further, please contact us today to help scope your resource requirements and budget for engineer rates and availability

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