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At Littlefish we take great pride in the quality of our services and consistently strive to improve them through our own internal improvement programmes. The most significant contributor to the process is our customers, and without the feedback they provide we would not be able to make the improvements we do.

Our Approach

We collect customer feedback through three mechanisms:

  • Independent Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • LF Live feedback from service users
  • Feedback provided at regular customer Service Reviews

There is nothing we enjoy more than positive feedback and we receive a great deal from both our customer stakeholders as well as the end service users.

We take all feedback seriously and whilst it is thankfully not very frequent we also value the negative feedback we receive from our customers. It is this feedback that we use to improve and refine our services.

We share all the feedback we receive with our customer stakeholders through our Service Management processes. This provides our customers with an invaluable alternate measurement for assessing the performance of our service against standard industry KPIs. In many instances this feedback also helps drive improvements with our customers’ processes as well as our own.

The Benefits

We review all our customer feedback frequently, which enables us to understand how best to continue improving our services.

  • Analysis and reporting of all feedback in monthly report pack
  • Qualitative assessment of service to support KPI performance measurements
  • Feedback providing basis for Continual Service Improvement Programme

What next?

If you would like to discuss a Managed IT Services engagement with Littlefish and benefit from our approach to service quality then please contact us today to arrange a meeting to discuss how we might help your business.

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