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Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Consultancy

Every organisation needs a Business Continuity Plan in order to prepare for that once in a lifetime event that seriously impacts your ability to operate. If anything, the increasing frequency of freak weather events over the last few years, and the ever-present threat of terrorism, mean that the list of potential disruptions to your business is expanding. Littlefish can help you prepare, test and implement suitable Business Continuity Plans to ensure that if the ‘worst comes to the worst’, your business is in a position to continue operating successfully.

Littlefish follow a standard lifecycle when working with organisations to ensure business continuity.

Underlying all successful BCP’s is a comprehensive understanding of the business processes that need to be maintained in the event of a disaster. Littlefish works with organisations to understand and document these building blocks before formulating an IT solution that will provide full mitigation.

BCP solutions formulated with Littlefish’s help will ensure:

  • Potential Risks and Threats are identified;
  • Impact Analysis is undertaken to assess potential disruption;
  • Recovery times are as minimal as possible, and;
  • Resiliency is implemented to ensure maximum operational continuity.

Once in place, Littlefish will work with you to ensure that BCP’s remain appropriate as requirements change, testing is undertaken to ensure BCP efficacy, and internal buy-in has been achieved so that your organisation clearly understands what will happen in the event of disruption.

To find out more about how Littlefish can help your business mitigate worst case scenarios then please get in touch.

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