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Co-Location (Co-Lo)

Whatever your requirement for co-location Littlefish can provide you with access to more than 5000m2 of world-class data centre facilities throughout the UK. Services can be provided on the following basis:

  • Unmanaged – we provide you with rack-space, power, network connectivity and environmental & security controls. You do the rest*.
  • Managed – you get the above but Littlefish manage the devices for you on a 24/7 basis.

All of our Data Centres are Tier 3-4 manned locations and are accredited to ISO9001, ISO27001 and PCI-DSS. All constituent components are N+1 and each Data Centre has a minimum of 10Gbps connectivity, with over 80Gbps available across the entire network (which is also underpinned by fibre for seamless expansion).

So if you want to spin up your own Cloud services, backup data and systems to a secure location, house your business critical applications in a secure and stable environment, or for any other reason, then get in touch to see how our Data Centres can help you fulfil your objectives.

*Subject to Fair and Acceptable Usage Policy

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