SOCITM Improve Report: Public Sector IT Performance and Benchmarking Report

Written May 2020

Dave Aspindle

Head Of Public Sector

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Are your IT service operations performing effectively or are they unbalanced?


Compare your IT service performance against other public sector organisations in the 2020 Improve Report from Socitm, produced in partnership with Littlefish.

For many years, Socitm has encouraged local government and the wider public sector organisations to share their performance and benchmark information. The data and information Socitm hold is now proving beneficial and the value that those organisations that participate receive is excellent. Each organisation can quickly review whether it’s own IT service operations are operating effectively or are unbalanced. This will enable the organisation to further investigate the reasons why their IT is not performing as well as it’s counterparts.

The data is the key and therefore, through our sponsorship we hope to encourage ever more participants in this valuable service, to encourage further community cohesion and knowledge sharing because it is so important in today’s under-pressure, IT environment.

It is in no doubt that public sector IT must deliver for its consumers – whether they are citizens, organisations or employees – all at a time of increasing pressure on budgets. And yet, there are exciting times ahead through the digital and knowledge economies, with an upsurge in the capability of intelligent automation and robotic process engineering.

Ever-changing leadership capabilities and digital skillsets are required within IT service delivery organisations, to keep pace with new opportunities and technologies, whilst simultaneously being expected to ‘keep the lights on’ as transformation gathers pace.

Against this backdrop, we are delighted to be able to offer the Socitm Improve Report for 2020 below, and we encourage you to get in touch to discuss how Littlefish will help improve the IT performance in your organisation.

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