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Government Department Takes on Littlefish to Tackle Big Fish


  • UK Export Finance Saves More Than 20 Per Cent Costs by Disaggregating IT
  • Selects Littlefish for Service Desk and On-site Support

UK Export Finance (UKEF) – the UK’s export credit agency and a government department – has broken up its monolithic incumbent IT contract in line with guidance from the Government Digital Service to work with smaller specialist suppliers. UKEF has now taken a cloud first approach and is working with SME Littlefish to manage its IT.  

UKEF knew that for a successful transformation, it needed to secure a solid, agile, disaggregated IT service. And this needed to happen by transitioning to a new, flexible and specialist service provider model.

UKEF firstly sought a cloud first approach and selected Microsoft Azure to host its IT environment. That left the need for a partner to provide ITIL aligned Service Desk and on-site support. Through the G-Cloud framework, UKEF appointed Littlefish, a ‘disruptor’ in the managed IT services market, to deliver ongoing management and support of its IT systems, including a Service Desk, infrastructure support & management and on-site support.

Lawrence Nichols, Head of IT at UKEF commented, “Like all government departments, we are looking to improve the service we receive at the same time as reducing costs. We were able to achieve both these goals by moving to a model where we have contracts with specialist providers, allowing us to benefit from both their expertise, and the price transparency this model gives Our goal was to reduce costs year on year by at least 20% through disaggregation and we have achieved that from year one with ease.” 

Lawrence describes the transition to a new model of operation, including a Littlefish delivered Service Desk, as “swift and painless,” with some services being transitioned in just eight weeks. Lawrence says, “There has been a quantum leap in service quality, with better value for money. In our annual satisfaction survey, just six months into our programme with Littlefish, we found huge service and satisfaction improvements. They are genuinely a real alternative to the usual suspects.” 

Littlefish’s Service Desk, a 24/7/365 manned operation delivered from its Operations Centres in Nottingham and Rochdale, has seamlessly integrated with UKEF’s pre-existing operations and with UKEF’s other suppliers providing supply chain management and integration, over a short transition timescale and with a substantial increase in quality of service at a lower price point.

However, for UKEF, Littlefish is more than just an IT services supplier.  Through the Service Management function, Littlefish’s service extends beyond the Service Desk to resolution and co-ordination of broader issues and services, and there are plans to further develop Littlefish’s portal functionality.

“What this means is that UKEF can disaggregate with confidence, knowing that the Service Desk can smooth the process of integration and enables maximum service performance,” said Steve Robinson, Managing Director of Littlefish. “With this model, Littlefish customers have the option of overseeing their Service Management in-house, with their strategic partner delivering Service Desk as a seamless extension of the in-house function. This kind of flexibility guarantees there is a disaggregation route and a multisource model which is fit for every organisation.”

Lawrence concludes,Littlefish have really proved themselves, with a ‘we can do it’ attitude, making us feel like we matter.

My advice for other organisations looking to disaggregate is to find the right provider and work together – the benefit is all you hoped it would be.”

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