Customer Stories: Croydon Council


Croydon Council deliver a wide range of services to local residents, communities and businesses, including social care, education, building control, environmental health, and much more. The council is London’s largest borough by number of households, and with a total workforce of over 10,500 employees, they are the largest employer in the borough. They also make a major contribution to the local economy, spending over £900 million annually.

“We like to have a partnership relationship with our customers. We very much see ourselves as working in tandem with them to achieve their business outcomes.

Richard Roome – Services Director at Littlefish

In 2019, the council launched the Croydon Digital Service, which combined the existing IT team with a number of other departments within the council, with the aim of transforming the council’s systems and services for the internet era. The key objective for the newly formed team was to create a culture change into meeting the needs of the users and putting them at the centre of everything they are working towards.

One of the key principles the newly created team worked towards, was “fixing the plumbing” by breaking the dependence on inflexible and expensive technology that doesn’t join up effectively. This is where Littlefish came in.

“We ran a full procurement exercise to choose a supplier for our service desk and end user computing, and Littlefish were the clear winners. What came across was the culture of Littlefish aligning with what we wanted to be able to do with the Croydon Digital Service.

Dave Briggs – Head of Digital Operations at Croydon Council

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