Customer Stories: PIB Group

Discover how Littlefish worked in partnership with PIB Group to deliver service desk, modern workplace, cyber security and cloud infrastructure solutions.


About PIB Group

Formed in 2015, PIB Group (‘PIB’) is a dynamic and rapidly growing diversified insurance intermediary group. They provide specialist insurance solutions across the UK market and increasingly overseas.

In 2021, PIB Group secured further investment from Apax partners (the ‘Apax Funds’), and re-investment from PIB’s existing investor since 2015, The Carlyle Group. The investments enabled PIB to continue their ambitious growth plans. The Group needed a Managed Service Provider that could keep up with their fast growth whilst also implementing large-scale digital transformation.

Littlefish worked in partnership with PIB Group to deliver service desk, modern workplace, cyber security and cloud infrastructure solutions.

The organisation focuses heavily on data, digital, and IT, and wanted to service its customers in a better way, with a greater digital presence and use of data insights. Finding a partner that could assist PIB Group with digital transformation was key.

Paul Johnson, COO/CIO Executive, PIB Group

Customer Challenges

PIB’s incumbent supplier was struggling to keep up with its current pace of growth and was no longer fit for purpose. For its new phase of growth, PIB Group sought a supplier that was flexible, agile, and that could move at a similar pace to itself. What they needed, to quote Paul Johnson, COO/CIO, was a “true partnership for the future”.

In making this partnership, PIB laid out the following service objectives:

Improve IT customer service

Improve IT customer service and incident resolution speed through expanded service hours, self-service capabilities, and skilled Service Desk staff in the areas of industry-standard IT products.

Improve efficiency

Improve PIB’s efficiency and effectiveness by adopting Provider-leveraged knowledge databases and best practices in the areas of customer reporting, logging, tracking, resolving of IT Incidents and Service Requests.

Improve effectiveness

Improve efficiency and effectiveness by early identification and addressing of root causes of technical Incidents, including working with specialised entities for resolution, such as PIB’s staff, a vendor, or other designated third parties, before they become trends.

Acquire skilled service desk support

Acquire skilled Service Desk support for new technologies early in their life cycle, while maintaining support for older technologies

Achieve the service-level requirements

Ensuring SLA’s are consistently achieved and also going above and beyond to deliver excellent customer service.

Insight and advice

Offer insight and advice based on metrics and experience, to enable growth and change to PIB’s IT environment for the better.


Our Solution

Knowing Littlefish to have the desired capabilities and a similar appetite for growth as PIB, we were instructed and proposed the following solutions for the group:

  • End User Service Desk for 1200 end users with a fixed cost per user as the organisation grew (PIB have since doubled in size and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing how much each new user will cost)
  • End User Compute (with the same cost model as above)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Management; Littlefish also partnered with an AWS expert to manage PIB’s cloud infrastructure
  • Cyber Security management

PIB were especially impressed with the detailed transition process laid out by Littlefish, and by our detailed understanding of their business, which made the changeover process seamless and hassle-free. During transition, PIB always had a single point of contact for updates and Littlefish constantly looked for ways to improve the service as the transition process continued.

We liked the straightforwardness and the transparency. [Littlefish] seem to be a disruptor from the norm. We like the fact that they were very keen on shifting left and becoming a true partner.

Barry Deevey, IT Operation Director, PIB Group


In their words, PIB group saw an “immediate benefit” from working with Littlefish since they were able to quickly automate a lot of processes, adding efficiency, cost-savings, and providing a generally more stable platform for users to work from.

Littlefish also provided PIB Group with new abilities to leverage data and generate data-driven insights and statistics, which allowed for genuine discussions to take place around areas of weakness and decisions to be made about where resources ought best to be invested.

Upon realising they had an accessible and knowledgeable new service desk provider on-hand, the volume of calls from PIB end-users increased dramatically, as their confidence in IT was restored. Users providing feedback on Littlefish Live sessions gave a 97% positive response – despite PIB nearly doubling in size since first partnering with Littlefish–  and NPS continues to run high at 78.51 to this day.

The relationship [with PIB] will grow. It will continue to be a relationship that’s built on acceptable levels of service delivery, and I think we’ll do more together as PIB continues to be that dynamic, ambitious, rapidly growing organisation that we can help support in a flexible and agile manner.

Mark Petty, Sales & Marketing Director, Littlefish

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