Managed SOC Services
Cyber Security Operations Centre

managed soc service

Extended detection and response with our managed cyber Security Operations Center (SOC) services

Our UK based managed cyber SOC service proactively protects your organisation from ever-present cyber threats to maximise protection and minimise risk. Utilising cutting-edge technology, remediation processes and industry leading expert knowledge, we’ll ensure your people, assets, devices and data are secure.

Our managed SOC service offers your business a 24/7/365 cyber security threat detection and advanced response solution.

Our managed SOC services encompasses many years of industry expertise in cyber protection, all supported by industry leading cyber security technology. This includes a software-as-a-service (SaaS) XDR SIEM platform, supplemented by a range of leading-edge tools. Our UK team of expert cyber security experts follow our Identify > Protect > Detect > Respond > Recover process to guard your organisation from advanced cyber threats.

The Littlefish managed SOC proactively combines cross-sector threat intelligence and response intelligence from across our customer and threat intelligence sharing networks. This enables us to have an agile and dynamic world view of current and future cyber threats that’s difficult to achieve within an internal SOC, allowing us to take your cyber security to a new level.

The Littlefish Cyber Security Difference

  • Fast Response

    Ensuring enhanced protection to minimise business impact and maximise business protection.

  • Cutting Edge

    Gartner Magic Quadrant technology combined with detailed understanding of repeated attack domains for focused intervention.

  • Constant Monitoring

    24/7/365 UK-Based Cyber Security Operations Centre with extensive intelligence source correlation for contextualised remediation.

  • Cost Efficient

    No large upfront CapEx investment for expert service delivery without the specialist skills recruitment and retention challenges.

  • Process Driven

    Fully integrated global threat intelligence with multi-domain detection, response and remediation excellence.

  • Reduce Incidents

    In depth visibility of your IT environment, highlighting risks, vulnerabilities and recommended actions through CSI to detect and prevent cyber attacks.

  • Tailored Service

    Designed to extend your internal IT team cost-effectively, freeing up your team for further strategic engagement.

  • Bespoke Reporting

    In-depth visibility of your IT environment risk to fulfil compliance and regulation obligations.

  • Service Excellence

    Cyber best practise and transparency governed by our CE+ and ISO27001 standards commitment, delivering 95%+ CSAT and 75 NPS.

Managed SOC service

Why your business needs a managed Security Operations Center (SOC) service

With more and more successful cyber attacks and data breaches recorded every year, it is crucial to ensure your business is cyber-prepared. However, in the rapidly evolving world of cyber security, organisations are often not as safe as they may think. To combat this, Littlefish offers companies across the UK and internationally an expertly managed SOC capable of delivering un-compromised security standards throughout your organisation.

  • Ensure Cyber-Preparedness

    Cyber preparedness is critical to the ongoing success of your business, as it defends your IT infrastructure and your business-critical data from serious security incidents. With the Littlefish Cyber Security Operations Centre, all your infrastructure, endpoints, people, networks and services will benefit from advanced cyber protection delivered by world-class experts.

  • Achieve Regulatory Compliance

    The outcome is next-generation protection that mitigates the potential impact of future cyber threats, helps organisations to achieve compliance where required, and delivers the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re employing the most effective and robust cyber security measures available anywhere today.

  • Cost-Effective Solution

    Building a SOC in-house takes time, money and resources. With our managed SOC, you can benefit from enterprise-level cyber security instantly as our team is ready to hit the ground running. It’s a cost-effective solution and, thanks to our clear payment structure, you will not have to worry about unexpected costs later on.

  • Protection Against Future Attacks

    As part of the Littlefish rapidly responsive managed SOC service model, we will utilise our world-class, industry-leading SIEM platform to analyse the huge volumes of data across your IT estate to identify irregular behaviour and ensure alerts are highlighted promptly for investigation by our expert analysts. By gathering advanced cyber threat intelligence we can better protect you from future threats.


Designed to extend your internal IT team and offer state of the art defence against cyber-threats 24/7/365, the Littlefish managed SOC offers organisations the ability to maximise cyber-security efforts well above the norm. CSOC from Littlefish offers peace of mind by continuously observing your IT infrastructure and data centres for irregularities and providing rapid response to any breaches observed via our Critical Hour Framework service.

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