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Trust in Littlefish to help accelerate your digital transformation or cloud adoption goals with our experienced cloud experts by your side. Let us ease the pain of your cloud transformation journey.

Which route to cloud do you take? Which applications should you move off-premise and cloud-side? Should you move to cloud at all? How can current cloud services be optimised? All of these questions and more can be answered with the help of our cloud experts.  

We’re here to work with you from assessment, through to strategy definition and execution, operating from a mutually created blueprint with the power to accelerate your cloud transformation or cloud adoption goals for your business. 

Our Cloud Consulting Services

  • cloud readiness

    Cloud Readiness Assessment

    We‘ll assess and determine which business or IT drivers warrant cloud adoption as well as the suitability of application migration.

  • cloud strategy

    Cloud Strategy Roadmap

    We’ll create a future state vision that allows you to bridge the gap from your current set-up to your new and improved one.

  • migration

    Cloud Migration Prioritisation

    We’ll identify those assets that are best moved to cloud based on business relevance, business value, security, and cost efficiencies.

  • fixed cost

    Cloud Service ROI

    We’ll identify and evaluate the ROI for cloud services and advise and guide you on the most suitable cloud investments.

Our Approach to Cloud Computing

Cloud computing gives you the ability to access all your data, networks, and software from any device, anywhere in the world. As your information is stored in virtual cloud space, it’s extremely important to implement digital solutions that are not only fast, functional, and secure – but also a good fit for your business model and future goals. 

Our cloud consulting service is here to help you identify the right digital tools to support the specific needs, goals, and structure of your organisation. At Littlefish, we believe in a vendor-agnostic approach or – in other words – an approach where we source the best solutions for you free from bias and regardless of who the seller is. 

With reliable cloud hosting and an award-winning cyber security team working on your cyber defences, we offer access to market-leading technology while never losing focus on the safety or performance of your virtual workspace. 

Cloud consultancy
Richard Murphy
National Gas
This is why we partnered with Littlefish, a managed IT and cyber services provider that is nimble and understands that our diverse structure means diverse solutions. We look forward to building this partnership over the coming months and years.
Managed IT Services
Chief Information Officer, National Gas
Throughout the tender process it really did become obvious that Littlefish put customer service at the heart of their approach and were willing to get to know the Canal & River Trust as an organisation. Since go live the positive feedback has been overwhelmingly unanimous from across the organisation which reinforces the belief we have chosen the right partner.
Managed IT Services
Head of IT, Canal & River Trust
Mark Sutton
Littlefish demonstrated that they were really focused on the end users, and treat themselves as part of our team. They would empathise and they would care about what it was that people needed, making the transition to the new service really smooth. They delivered training to our team so we had a deep understanding of what they do as an organisation, making them feel like an extension of our team.
Managed IT Services
Chief Digital Officer, Care Quality Commission
Information security was becoming a bigger and bigger concern for the company, with pharmaceuticals being a highly regulated industry. For us, data security is paramount and cannot be underestimated – we needed a partner we could trust, one that could come in and hit the ground running and that was Littlefish.
Managed IT Services
CIO, Sterling Pharma Solutions
Working with Littlefish was an immensely positive experience and they proved to be a highly knowledgeable and an incredibly collaborative IT partner. They provided invaluable clarity and insight into our technology separation project planning, clearly linking their efforts to our core business objectives and guiding us confidently through each step of the way in a responsive and honest manner.
Managed IT Services
CTO, St Modwen
Paul Johnson
Pib group
The organisation focuses heavily on data, digital, and IT, and wanted to service its customers in a better way, with a greater digital presence and use of data insights. Finding a partner that could assist PIB Group with digital transformation was key.
Managed IT Services
COO/CIO Executive, Pib Group
We trust Littlefish to work closely with us and move processes along and remove the need for constant firefighting when it comes to mitigating cyber security risks. Littlefish helped us put our priorities in place and reach a level of security I’m 100% happy with.
Managed IT Services
Service Delivery Manager, Raven Housing Trust
Dominic Howson
Viridor was looking for a partner that enabled us to provide an extended and improved service across our business. The Littlefish innovative and flexible approach to service management is unique and refreshing, and this strongly influenced our decision to work with them. We were also greatly encouraged by their great track record with many customers.
Managed IT Services
CIO, Viridor
professional standards authority
The collaborative approach that Littlefish applied throughout this project was refreshing. Littlefish demonstrated that they were really focused on enabling us to meet our goals through a strategic digital transformation that leveraged the public cloud and bolstered our operations for the future.
Managed IT Services
Director Corporate Services, PSA
Croyden Council
We ran a full procurement exercise to choose a supplier for our service desk and end user computing, and Littlefish were the clear winners. What came across was the culture of Littlefish aligning with what we wanted to be able to do with the Croydon Digital Service.
Managed IT Services
Head of Digital Operations, Croydon Council
It is incredible the difference that Littlefish has made. We now have the support we need and we know that we can count on the Service Desk to support us as we continue to grow as a global company. Littlefish has truly become part of the NSK family.
Managed IT Services
Head of IT Services for the Americas, NSK
Emma Tiernan
Watford Borough Council
Watford Borough Council was looking for a partner to match our energy and desire to improve technology services to our customers in a number of ways. A focused, efficient implementation plan, combined with real commitment and professionalism, has led us to a seamless transition on day one. We are excited to see how the service evolves over the next few years.
Managed IT Services
Associate Director of ICT and Shared Services, Watford Borough Council
Food standards
We selected Littlefish to provide a 24/7 service desk to deliver IT support to our staff, end user compute to provide the latest technology to enable location independent working and network infrastructure management to ensure the network is optimal and always available.
Managed IT Services
Food Standards Agency
Neil Swift
Following the establishment of solid and secure IT system foundations in the early years of the SSRO, conceived and delivered mostly through cloud based services, we have been able to improve user experience and increase exploitation of technology investment with Littlefish as the SSRO’s IT managed service provider.
Managed IT Services
Chief Executive Officer, SSRO
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