Company values

Company values
I am high performing
  • I take responsibility for my own actions
  • I contribute to other people’s problem solving
  • I am an equal contributor to a high performing team
  • I like to raise the bar
  • We look at creating opportunities to increase quality and improve efficiency
  • We strive for service excellence
  • We work hard to outshine the competition
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I am passionate
  • I am enthusiastic and energetic
  • I am positive and forward thinking
  • I get a real sense of achievement from delivering a great service
  • I care about the people I work with and we support one another
  • I am self-directed and work towards my own personal ambition
  • We build team successes and celebrate them together
  • We believe in Littlefish and want to be part of its’ success
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I have a can do attitude
  • I am tenacious
  • I enjoy coming up with solutions
  • I use my initiative
  • I work hard
  • I am not afraid to step outside of my comfort zone and stretch myself
  • We are not afraid to challenge the status quo
  • We get stuff done
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