Cyber Security Glossary of Terms

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Written March 2020

Charlie Gould

Sales & Marketing Apprentice

The Complete Glossary of Cyber Security Terms Made Easy

Cyber security plays a key part of everybody’s day-to-day life. Whether a person is using a laptop, desktop computer, smart phone or tablet, information is being shared between people all the time. It is within our responsibility as avid consumers to understand the risks that come with sharing information online and understanding best practice in how to protect ourselves from cyber threats.

While the amount of information about cyber security terminology can be overwhelming, we have put together a complete glossary of the most popular cyber security terms to help you gain a better knowledge and understanding without getting lost in ‘tech jargon’.

Our guide defines and explains the key terms and phrases used in the world of cyber security. We understand how hard it is to keep up with all terms and definition, and for those who want to keep an accessible list with them, you can download our Cyber Security Glossary in PDF form.

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